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What we do

We develop and support CRM and ERP systems, mobile applications, online stores, web services, and websites. End-to-end software development. We choose only the optimal solutions.

CRM & ERP systems

We develop CRM and ERP systems from scratch. Thanks to our extensive experience in developing Intelligent business systems, we are confident in such tasks with team building for development and long-term product support. We love challenging tasks, we like it when the customer knows what he needs. At the beginning, we ask one simple question - "what are the project tasks?” and after receiving the answer, we offer the optimal solution.

Mobile applications

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. The application can be either a standalone product or a part of a CRM / ERP system as an external level for user interaction. Development of an application for any business from scratch, starting with the idea and design, ending with market launch and maintenance.

Online stores

We have our own platform for online stores that solves all the basic tasks of a modern online sales tool. Our solution includes a module for SEO (search engine optimization) and an exchange system with an ex-warehouse for displaying left over stock. We don't care if there are 1,000 products or 500,000 - the platform is tested for different loads.

Unique projects

We develop individual projects for business, for example, products in the field of online education or services, where you need to enable your customers and employees to interact with each other, make payments, work with documents, build diagrams and schedules, do inventory of the warehouse, and generally perform any tasks online using a tablet and mobile phone. Our motto is "where there is an idea there is a way”.

Web services

We develop web services for customers where they can log in to their personal account, connect and upload data from CRM / ERP systems via the API or directly from the database, connect payment gates, and program data synchronization engine between systems on any platform. We implement any tasks with the best possible way.


We create websites for companies “from idea to implementation”. The site is the face of business on the Internet. A modern website is based on current design trends and information presentation, including a responsive version for mobile devices.

Why you should choose us
Experience in complex tasks solving

of implemented projects

in 18 years of effective work

All our work is our pride. We are grateful to our customers for their ideas and for giving us the right to bring to life these ideas.

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