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Classified (NDA)

Classified (NDA)
Developed, maintainable
NDA (not disclosed)
8 years, on-going updating
Type of project
CRM, Websites, online stores
- PHP (кастомный код)
- MySQL Database
- JavaScript & jQuery
- CSS & Bootstrap Framework
DevCats Resources
- 12 software developers
- 3 project managers
Project description

We want to tell you a lot about the projects that we do for our clients from different countries, but due to the NDA, we can't do this. And we understand the reasons quite clearly, because not every foreign company wants to advertise that it orders its services outside of its market. We also understand those companies that attract us as assistants to solve their tasks, being in fact also outsourcing teams and they need us as developers “from third parties". Naturally, we can't publish such projects as our even providing we wouldn't have the NDA.

In any case, we would like to somehow let our potential clients know that we are able to build long-term years-long relationships with clients located on another continent.

Some projects that we support and de-bug have multi-million dollar roll, and this is also a trigger for us, because we help businesses of this level.

There are interesting tasks, there are just difficult and bore ones, but they are a part of the workflow. Over the years of working in such projects, we have learned to separate ambitions and in due way solve problems regardless of the subjective attitude of our team to their attractiveness for us, because business is not just about cool new tricks. There are situations when remaking some old e-commerce project is very expensive and long for the client, and you need to work with the old code gradually replacing the old and implementing the new ones, going through all the hackwork of this process.

Not so long ago, we solved one of the extensive tasks that lasted almost a year and received the gratitude to the entire team for the work done. In turn, we are grateful to our clients for their trust and ability to work in an absolutely adequate manner for many years.

Further - only forward to new heights.