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Bit Pulse

Web service
Bit Pulse
Developed, maintainable
Not to disclose
9 months
Type of project
Trader of crypto-currencies
- PHP Laravel Framework
- MySQL Database
- JavaScript & jQuery
- CSS Bootstrap Framework
- DigitalOcean Cloud Platform
DevCats Resources
- 3 software developers
Project description

So far, we guess only the lazy one hasn't dealt with the crypto currency. We went further and developed our own product that can make transactions for buying and selling crypto pairs independently based on internal algorithms built using mathematical analysis functions.

Mathematical analysis when making transactions is all-sufficient specific indicator of whether it is reasonably to trade a particular crypto pair at the moment. All experienced traders rely entirely or partially on the results of such analysis. We also made it possible for our product to make a decision independently, what to do in a particular context. The trading robot is trained to make transactions on the largest exchange Binance.

Currently, the product has a limited audience with restricted access and is not publicly available. We are very happy that we've started creating it, as we've got a great new experience in exchange trading and trading algorithms writing.